On Friday June 16th Cage Titans FC 34 held their weigh-Ins at The Tavern On The Wharf  where all but one of the 34 fighters stepped on the scale, with the exception of Tim Wheeler who will be doing a same day weigh-in.

The amateurs held themselves to the professional standard, all coming into their bouts with their weight on track and not none exceeding the one pound allowance max for their contracted weights.

The two glaring misses from the pros, aside for the .4 that Jay Ellis was over, the main event’s Joe Pearson was eight pounds over his featherweight mark against Manny Bermudez. While Montoyia Swilling entered his bout against Jimmy Manning nine pounds over their catchweight limit of 165.  

With the exception of Campbell vs. Wheeler, the other 16 fights on the card are official. The fighters will discuss any contract changes between themselves and their managers for those fighters who missed weight. 

Saturday night The Plymouth Memorial Hall the doors will open at 5pm with the first bout to begin at 6pm. If you are looking for a place for dinner prior to the start of the event visit the “The tavern On the Wharf, directly behind the Hall. They will also be the Official Cage Titans FC After Hours Location. 

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Cage Titans FC 34  Main Card (Pro Fights & Amateur Title Bouts)

Main Event – Manny Bermudez 146 (9-0, SSSF) vs. *Joe Pearson 153 (45-31-1, Miletich Fighting Systems)

Frank Sforza 156 (6-0, SSSF) vs. Jay Ellis 156.4 (25-36, Team Knockout)

Peter Barrett 150 (8-0, Juniko/Sityodtong)  vs. Drew Morals 151 (6-4, Fuse MMA)

Joe Giannetti 156 (4-0, SSSF) vs. Vince McGuiness 155 (5-6, Bang Muay Thai)

Jimmy Manning 165 (3-0, SSSF) vs. **Montoyia Swilling 174 (0-7, God’s Team)

Johnny Campbell 143 (13-9, SSSF) vs. Tim Wheeler Same Day weigh-in (2-3, Independent)

Amateur Lightweight Title: (Champion) Zach DiSabatino 156 (4-0, SSSF) vs. Gerald Meuse 156 (4-2, Sityodtong)  

Amatuer Flyweight Title: (Champion) Josh Meehan 126 (4-0, Juniko) vs. Jake Kasperowski 125 (3-2-1, Redline)


Undercard (Amateur Bouts)

Ron Marshall 203 (1-3 Nostros MMA) vs. Fabio Cherant 205 (2-1, Juniko)

Chris Sniger 149 (1-1, SBG East) vs. Antoine Caparotta 151 (3-1, SSSF)

Mike Albert 146 (0-1, Independent) vs. Pat Gilbride 146 (0-0, Lauzon MMA)


Trevor Gudde 164 (2-0, Florian BJJ) vs. Marty Navis 166 (2-1, Lauzon MMA)

LaNeisha Vinson 116 (4-2-1, Warrior Warehouse) vs. Hillarie Rose 115 (3-3, USMMA)

Aaron Hughes 144 (0-2, Regiment) vs. John Semenuk 144 (1-0, Juniko) 

Pat Crowley 184 (0-1, Florian BJJ) vs. Brandon Conrad 184 (0-0)

Jordan Brown 143 (1-0, Warrior Warehouse) vs. Matt Waddell 145 (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

Christopher O’Brien 155 (1-0, SSSF) vs. Josh Halliday 154 (Debut, USMMA)










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