Cage Titans 34 was stacked with impressive performances, many of them coming by way of finishes in the very first round. Originally slotted to have a total of 17 fights, it was the loss of the main event between Manny Bermudez vs. Joe Pearson that dropped the card down to 16. It was undisclosed of what the specific reason for Pearson having to pull out of the fight other than it was medical in nature. There was a discovery during the Doctor’s evaluation which prevented Pearson from getting cleared.

This promoted Bermudez’s teammate, fellow undefeated professional Frank Sforza and his opponent Jay Ellis to the featured main event. Sforza looked much more crisp against Ellis than in his return from a long layoff last event. He brought a bulldozing attack immediately overwhelming and suffocating Ellis onto the ground. As a product of South Shore Sportfighting, the ground is where Sforza was going to win the fight and he wasted no time doing that, in the very first round he ended the fight by rear naked choke submission.

For the post fight awards our editor, Shaun Gilday had some easy decisions to make in regards the evening’s performances of the night. Undoubtedly Drew ‘All Day’ Morais earned one of our “performances of the night” as he marked the first blemish on the professional record of area fan favorite ‘Slippery Pete’ Peter Barrett. Aside from his fourth amateur fight in 2012 when he lost by submission, Saturday marked the first time he had been finished by K.O.

The Second ‘performance of the night award’ went to amateur Pat “Smallville” Crowley for his brutal K.O. of Brandon Conrad only 16 seconds into the fight. As we saw mounds of potential in his first fight, although a loss, we expect to see a lot of success coming by way of more knockouts from Crowley into his pro career.

Choosing a ‘fight of the night’ winner was more challenging. Zach DiSabatino vs Gerald Meuse was an incredibly tough fought fight by both athletes but it was riddled with low blows and a point deduction for Meuse because of holding the cage.

A fight that we were surprised it was unanimous, 30-27 across the board was Matt Waddell‘s win over Jordan Brown. We could actually have seen this bout go to Brown. Waddell was chaining submissions together putting Brown in quite some danger several times, which won him the fight. Yet it was Brown who showed heart in his escapes, responding back with serious power or when he was in a dominate position of his own.

Ultimately it was the extremely competitive amateur flyweight title bout between champion Josh Meehan and Jake Kasperowski that we chose as ‘fight of the night’. Early in the bout we saw a lot of energy and aggression by the champion, while his opponent was very calm and composed throughout the bout. Meehan was effective in controlling the center while he landed solid strikes with a relentless pace. Kasperowski wasted very little energy by being accurate with his strikes and explosive at just the right times. In the 4th and 5th round Meehan was swinging big looping punches out of exhaustion, while Kasperowski was landing more and more on the slowed champion, mixing up a strong variety of punch and kicking combinations. Kasperowski’s efforts earned him the title and victory over a fighter who was thought to be in the top 3 of the region.

Below is the Numbers At A Glance and Quick Results for the complete event, both under and main card.

Numbers at a glance

Total fights: 16

Finishes: 9

Submissions: 7 by round #: 1st/6, 2nd/1,

(T) Knock outs: 2 by round #: 1st/2,

Other: – Draw

Total Decision: 6, 5 unanimous, 1 split

*Fight of the night: Josh Meehan and Jake Kasperowski

*Performance of the night: Drew ‘All Day’ Morais

*Performance of the night: Pat “Smallville” Crowley

Attendance: –

Gate: –

*Editor’s picks

Main Card (Pro Fights & Amateur Title Bouts)

Frank Sforza (6-0, SSSF) vs. Jay Ellis (25-36, Team Knockout), ‪Winner by rear naked choke at 1 minute 4 seconds of R1 ‬Sforza

Peter Barrett (8-0, Juniko/Sityodtong) vs. Drew Morais (6-4, Fuse MMA), ‪Winner by TKO at 1 minute 53 seconds of R1 Drew Morais ‬

Joe Giannetti (4-0, SSSF) vs. Vince McGuiness (5-6, Bang Muay Thai), ‪Winner by unanimous decision 30-27 Joe Giannetti ‬

Johnny Campbell (13-9, SSSF) vs. Tim Wheeler (2-3, Independent), ‪Winner by submission in R1 via rear naked choke Johnny Cupcakes Campbell ‬

Jimmy Manning (3-0, SSSF) vs. **Montoyia Swilling (0-7, God’s Team), ‪Winner by triangle choke at 1 minute and 19 seconds of R1 Jimmy Manning

Amatuer Flyweight Title: (Champion) Josh Meehan (4-0, Juniko) vs. Jake Kasperowski (3-2-1, Redline), ‪Winner by unanimous decision and new champion Kasperowski!

Amateur Lightweight Title: (Champion) Zach DiSabatino (4-0, SSSF) vs. Gerald Meuse (4-2, Sityodtong), ‪After all 5 rounds judges ruled it a majority draw between Meuse and DiSabatino‬

Undercard (Amateur Bouts)

LaNeisha Vinson 116 (4-2-1, Warrior Warehouse) vs. Hillarie Rose 115 (3-3, USMMA), ‪Winner by unanimous decision 29-28 Rose ‬

Trevor Gudde (2-0, Florian BJJ) vs. Marty Navis (2-1, Lauzon MMA), ‪Winner by split decision Trevor Gudde‬

Ron Marshall (1-3 Nostros MMA) vs. Fabio Cherant (2-1, Juniko) Winner by rear naked choke at 2 minutes 28 seconds of R1 Fabio Cherant

Christopher O’Brien (1-0, SSSF) vs. Josh Halliday (Debut, USMMA), ‪2 minutes 12 seconds of R2 via guillotine Chris O’Brien‬

Mike Albert (0-1, Independent) vs. Pat Gilbride (0-0, Lauzon MMA), ‪Winner by armbar submission 1 minute 25 seconds of R1 Pat Gilbride‬

Chris Sniger (1-1, SBG East) vs. Antoine Caparotta (3-1, SSSF), ‪Winner by unanimous decision Chris Sniger 29-28 ‬

Pat Crowley (0-1, Florian BJJ) vs. Brandon Conrad (0-0), ‪Winner by TKO at 16 seconds of R1 Crowley‬

Jordan Brown (1-0, Warrior Warehouse) vs. Matt Waddell (0-0, Lauzon MMA), Winner by unanimous decision 30-27 Matt Waddell ‬

Aaron Hughes (0-2, Regiment) vs. John Semenuk (1-0, Juniko) Winner by rear naked choke Semenuk Round 1

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Weigh-Ins Results –

At the Cage Titans 34 weigh-ins Jimmy Manning (3-0) of SSSF and Montoyia Swilling (0-7) had their 1st opportunity to face off since their original bout at the last event was scrapped at weigh-ins. There were complications with Swilling making it to weigh-ins during the allotted time from the commission, leaving Manning with a last minute opponent change, something no fighter takes a liking to after putting in a training camp for a specific opponent.


After some back and forth between the fighters on social media they agreed to try it again this event. Swilling was present and on time at today’s weigh-ins but he was not on weight. As many fighters would feel slighted and disrespected by their opponent coming in overweight, that perceived disrespect was compounded by it being not 3 or 5, but 9 pounds beyond the contracted weight of 165 lbs.

Manning’s disdain for Swilling was evident once they came face to face. As Manning approached the face off, Swilling began to “knuckle up” for the meeting. Consequently the two came into contact with one another, igniting Manning, who interpreted the contact as aggression towards him.

Ultimately after the fighters were separated and the bout is proceeding as planned but the missing of weight cost Swilling a percentage of his purse which will be forfeited to Manning. When asked about missing weight, Swilling cited his complications of making the weight was because it was a “larger cut this time around” and he “didn’t have the proper cut”.

The back story has been established, the animosity is high, do not blink tomorrow night once the cage door is closed behind these two combatants.


Saturday night The Plymouth Memorial Hall the doors will open at 5pm with the first bout to begin at 6pm. If you are looking for a place for dinner prior to the start of the event visit the “The tavern On the Wharf, directly behind the Hall. They will also be the Official Cage Titans FC After Hours Location.

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Cage Titans FC 34  Main Card (Pro Fights & Amateur Title Bouts)

Main Event – Manny Bermudez 146 (9-0, SSSF) vs. *Joe Pearson 153 (45-31-1, Miletich Fighting Systems)

Frank Sforza 156 (6-0, SSSF) vs. Jay Ellis 156.4 (25-36, Team Knockout)

Peter Barrett 150 (8-0, Juniko/Sityodtong)  vs. Drew Morals 151 (6-4, Fuse MMA)

Joe Giannetti 156 (4-0, SSSF) vs. Vince McGuiness 155 (5-6, Bang Muay Thai)

Jimmy Manning 165 (3-0, SSSF) vs. **Montoyia Swilling 174 (0-7, God’s Team)

Johnny Campbell 143 (13-9, SSSF) vs. Tim Wheeler Same Day weigh-in (2-3, Independent)

Amateur Lightweight Title: (Champion) Zach DiSabatino 156 (4-0, SSSF) vs. Gerald Meuse 156 (4-2, Sityodtong)

Amatuer Flyweight Title: (Champion) Josh Meehan 126 (4-0, Juniko) vs. Jake Kasperowski 125 (3-2-1, Redline)

Undercard (Amateur Bouts)

Ron Marshall 203 (1-3 Nostros MMA) vs. Fabio Cherant 205 (2-1, Juniko)

Chris Sniger 149 (1-1, SBG East) vs. Antoine Caparotta 151 (3-1, SSSF)

Mike Albert 146 (0-1, Independent) vs. Pat Gilbride 146 (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

Trevor Gudde 164 (2-0, Florian BJJ) vs. Marty Navis 166 (2-1, Lauzon MMA)

LaNeisha Vinson 116 (4-2-1, Warrior Warehouse) vs. Hillarie Rose 115 (3-3, USMMA)

Aaron Hughes 144 (0-2, Regiment) vs. John Semenuk 144 (1-0, Juniko)

Pat Crowley 184 (0-1, Florian BJJ) vs. Brandon Conrad 184 (0-0)

Jordan Brown 143 (1-0, Warrior Warehouse) vs. Matt Waddell 145 (0-0, Lauzon MMA)

Christopher O’Brien 155 (1-0, SSSF) vs. Josh Halliday 154 (Debut, USMMA)









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