Cage Titans XXXV: Jeff Soivilien “It’s gonna really break my heart to punch him in the face, a lot.”  On August 12th at the Plymouth Memorial Hall, heavyweight Jeff Soivilien (3-3) of SSSF will take on Rob Brown (2-1) of Team Santos Fighting Academy. This is a rescheduled bout from 2015, which Soivilien needed to withdraw due to injury while Brown went on to win a second round KO victory against another opponent. Fast forward to #CageTitansXXXV and these big men will finally get to punch each other in the face and with the power that they have behind their punches it only takes one well placed bomb to send their opponent to the canvas. Both competitors come from reputable schools that are known for their strong well rounded fighters, so this fight could very well come to an end by submission too, either way don’t leave your seat because in a ‘blink’ this one could be all over.



Current Cage Titans XXXV Fight Card

Shawn Rall  vs.  Jeff Perez
Manny Bermudez  vs.  Bendy Casimir
Joe Giannetti  vs.  Connor Barry
Fernando Perez  vs.  Jimmy Manning
Bobby Gasdia  vs.  Angelo Richardson

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