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Our Fight Week Countdown VLOG features Combat Zone 63’s amateur featherweight Taylor Constantino. He is set to face Ali Zebian on September 29, 2017 in Manchester NH. at #CZ63

“He’s gonna learn once he gets in there with me, it’s gonna be just how skillful I am and how much I fight with bad intentions.”

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(Official Release)



CZ 63 “MAYHEM IN MANCHESTER” Fight Card (Subject to change) 

*** Amateur Kickboxing ***

135 lbs. – Devon Monty (0-0) vs. James Ploss (0-1) Lancaster, NH

135 lbs. – Jack Greene (0-0) Salisbury, MA vs. Michael Alfano (0-0) NJ

160 lbs. – Jose Atalies (0-0) Boston. MA vs. Nick Quattrock (0-0) Holbrook, MA

165 lbs. – Joe Siejkowski (0-0) Manchester, NH vs. Isaih Ocasio (1-0) Haverhill, MA

*** Amateur MMA ***

155 lbs. – Ramano Medina (2-0) Manchester, NH vs. Eddie George (0-0) Holbrook, MA

210 lbs. – Floran Kacaku (1-1) Boston, MA vs. Terrance Jean Jacques (1-0) Plaistow, NH

170 lbs. – Josh Wesley (2-4) Holbrook, MA vs. Mohammad Al Kinani (0-0) Saco, ME

195 lbs. – Caynen Wills (0-0) Lowell, MA vs. Ariel Nunez (0-0) Boston, MA

145 lbs.- Ali Zebian (5-3) Holbrook, MA vs. Taylor Costantino (2-1) Portland, ME

135 lbs.- Fouad Shahin (1-0) Wakefield, MA vs. Mark Bordieri (0-1) Bangor, ME

155 lbs. Brian Cosco (3-5) Boston, MA vs. Will McCall (1-2) Saco, ME

2145 lbs. – John Tadesco (0-0) Bangor, ME vs. Tom Pagliarulo (0-0) Plaistow, NH

*** Professional MMA ***

135 lbs. – Chris Caterino (1-1) Nashua, NH vs. Jay Perrin (3-3) Nashua, NH

130 lbs. – Jeff Silva (2-3) Lawrence, MA vs. Ken Murphy (0-2) Hooksett, NH

170 lbs. – Jesse McElligott (5-3) Norwood, MA vs. Phil Parrish (2-1) Corning, NY

*** Professional Kickboxing ***

250 lbs. – Ed Carr (0-0) Hooksett, NH vs. JA Dudley (0-0) Keasbey, NJ

*** MAIN EVENT *** * CZ Amateur MMA Bantamweight Title Bout

135 lbs. Jake Pilla (5-2) Billerica, MA vs. Fred Lear (6-2) Bangor, ME – Jake Pilla pulled from the bout due to injury




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