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Lion Fight 40 // Undercard Results

J. Lucky Henry vs. Ross Levine: J. Lucky Henry winner by split decision (28-29 Henry, 29-28 Levine, 28-29 Henry)

  • Levine displayed a lot of skill and composure
  • ‬Henry’s well-rounded skill off the ropes were tested
  • Henry’s power and strength continues to be one of his strongest gifts

Checkout Henry vs. Levine LIVE STREAM

Jurrell Laronal  vs. Shaun Shubert: Jurrell Laronal winner by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Both Fighters have competed in amateur mixed martial arts for Cage Titans FC
  • Shubert lands a beautify spinning kick and showed improved skills but his brawler tendency likely costed him the bout
  • Laronal was very patient and showed a good display of technique and power

Aaron Ortiz vs. Connor Fenton: Aaron Ortiz winner by unanimous decision

Tom Evans vs. Johnny Adams: Tom Evans winner by TKO at 2 minutes of R1

  • Fight was fireworks from the start of the first bell till the finish
  • Adams is a bonafide brawler who was a ravaged animal looking for the finish but drops his pro debut
  • Evans captures his first victory and then retires telling the crowd he will be moving on from Muay Thai competition to focus on family

‪Cody Laskar vs. Brian Bogue: Cody Laskar winner by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-44)

  • Laskar from Ottawa, Canada was calm and patient against the New England fan favorite
  • Bogue drops his second straight bout falling to 0-2 as a pro and showed little of what we have been a custom to in his aggressive performances

Lion Fight 40 // Pro Undercard Results:

Mike Triana (2-0) vs. Johncy Lindor (2-2) : Mike Triana winner by TKO at 2:56 of R4

  • Lindor showed strong skill but was outclassed having been dropped numerous times in the bout
  • Triana combo selection, speed, and killer instinct is nexl level
  • Triana has world championship potential

Julio Pena (5-1) vs. Isaac Tijerina (1-1): Julio Pena winner by TKO victory at 1:35 of R2

  • Pena was calm in his return and precise with his strikes
  • Pena retires from Muay Thai competition with a 5-1 record and one of the most loved and revered fighters in the New England Muay Thai community

P.J. Sweda (3-2) vs. Chris Mims (1-1) : P.J. Sweda winner by TKO at 2:59 of R3

  • Huge support for both fighter in the arena and on throughout the LIVE stream
  • Mims seemed very lethargic through much the fight, showed surges of his potential at times
  • Sweda was on an another level of aggression and skill over his opponent

Steve Walker (3-0) ‪vs. Cole Fetzner (1-1) : winner at 1:42 R2 by TKO

  • Fetzner has one of the best nicknames…ever, “White Castle”…take it in.
  • Walker changes levels and threw a blasting body punch that finished the fight

Check out the Undercard LIVE STREAM

Lion Fight 40 // Pro Main Card Results:

Lion Fight North American Light Heavyweight Title // ‪Brett Hlavacek (19-5) vs. Elijah Clarke (7-1) : Brett Hlavacek winner by split decision (48-47 H) (49-46 C) (48-47 H)

  • Both fighters showed why they deserved to be competing for the inaugural Lion Fight North American Light Heavyweight Title
  • The fight was equally contested with each fighter bringing in a high level of skill with two contrasting styles
  • The knees in the clinch could have been the difference maker in Hlavacek’s victory
  • In the later rounds you could begin to see Hlavacek fade while Clarke maintained a consistent attack

Lion Fight World Lightweight Title // Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam (195-31-5) vs. Alexi Serepisos (40-11) : Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam winner by unanimous decision (50-45) (50-45) (49-46)

  • Serepisos proudly represented New Zealand with a resilient performance
  • Lerdsila display lighting fast defense with “Now you see me, now you don’t” offense that his opponent could not match

‪Lion Fight World Cruiserweight Title // Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard vs. Slava Alexeichik: Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard winner by unanimous decision (50-45) (50-45) (50-44)

  • Alexeichik showed at times why he was expected to give the champion his toughest test with the willing to trade strike for strike from every range and the potential to end the fight from any direction
  • Moraza-Pollard show the composure of a champion, prepared to combat the aggressiveness and skill of his opponent
  • The calm demeanor from the walkout throughout the highs and lows of his fights is a true trait of a world champion fighter


Check out the LIVE STREAM for the Co-Main & Main Event


Numbers at a glance 

Total fights: 12

Finishes: 5

(T) Knockouts: 5 by round #: 2nd/3, 3rd/1, 4th/1

Other: n/a

Total Decision: 7 – 4 unanimous, 3 split

Venue: Foxwoods Resort & Casino, 350 Trolley Line Blvd, Mashantucket, CT 06338
Attendance: /
Total gate: /

Post fight awards:
Fight of the Night: Brett Hlavacek vs. Elijah Clarke
Performance of the Night: Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard and Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam


Story By: Shaun Gilday @Shaun_Sports1 on Twitter

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