There were 11 bouts at Lion Fight 42, seven of which went the distance Saturday night at the Fox Theatre at Foxwoods casino. Check-out the #QuickResults and fight scorecards for the promotions second visit to New England so far in 2018 and we are looking forward to their return in July.

Main Card
Lion Fight Women’s World Lightweight Title (135 lbs.)
(c) Antonina “La Pantera” Shevchenko (41-1; Lima, Peru) vs. Claire “The Vegan” Baxter (19-15; Melbourne, Australia) – Winner Shevchenko via unanimous decision

Lion Fight North American Middleweight Title (160 lbs.)
Eddie “Silky Smooth” Abasolo (9-2; Vallejo, California) vs. Amadeu Cristiano (56-16; Boston, Massachusetts) – Winner Cristiano via unanimous decision 

MTGP World Super Lightweight Title (140 +1 lbs.)
(c) Carlton “The Baby-Faced Assassin” Lieu (7-4; London, England) vs. Jafar “The Cookie Monster” Toshev (3-0; Brooklyn, New York) – Winner Lieu via unanimous decision 

Lion Fight North American Super Cruiserweight Title (205 +1 lbs.)
Steve “Put Em To Sleep” Walker (4-0; Boston, Massachusetts) vs. Olivier Fairtex (7-4; Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – Winner Walker via unanimous decision

Super Featherweight (130 +1 lbs.)
Nick Haines (10-6; Brooklyn, New York) vs. Amine “The Moroccan Boy” Ballafrikh (11-3; Stirling, Virginia) – Winner Ballafrikh via TKO at 1:47 R4

Lightweight (133 +1 lbs.)
Tyger Banks (4-2; Cincinnati, Ohio) vs. Mike “Iron Boy” Triana (4-0; Worcester, Massachusetts) – Winner Triana via TKO at 2:33 R4





Pro Prelims
Featherweight (125 +1 lbs.)
Ricardo Mixco (1-0; Silver Springs, Maryland) vs. Evan “Boy Wonder” Jays (2-2; London, England) – Winner Mixco via TKO at 1:38 R1

Super Welterweight (147 +1 lbs.)
Shawn “The Machete” Ellis (0-1; Brooklyn, New York) vs. Julian “Mr. Methodical” Nguyen (2-0; Worcester, Massachusetts) – Winner Nguyen via unanimous decision

Super Lightweight (136 +1 lbs.)
Dwayne Holman (0-1; Lodi, New Jersey) vs. Soap Am (2-1; Cambridge, Massachusetts) – Winner Am via TKO at :47 R3

Amateur Prelims
Middleweight (160 +1 lbs.)
Hector Acosta (Boston, Massachusetts) vs. Miguel Cadiz (Worcester, Massachusetts) – Winner Cadiz via unanimous decision

Middleweight (155 +1 lbs.)
David Agbodji (Brooklyn, New York) vs. Shaun Shubert (Holbrook, Massachusetts) – Winner Shaun Alden Shubert via unanimous decision

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