At Cage Titans 39 the crew was able to successfully pull off their first show away from The Plymouth Memorial Hall since Cage Titans 13! The event was held at Pinz – Kingston in the Kingston Collection Mall in Kingston, Mass. Check out the quick results below:

Cage Titans 39 Quick Results
Connor Barry def Peter Barrett Lose via Sub, 2:57 R1
Zach DiSabatino def Jay Ellis Lose via Sub, 1:34 R1
Shane Dougherty def Brett Layton Lose via Split Dec
Randy Costa def Stacey Anderson Lose via KO/TKO, 0:46 R1
Manu Delerme def Jay Helger Lose via Sub, 1:07 R2
Aaron Hughes def Xavier Cardona Lose via KO/TKO, 0:07 R1
Mike MacNeil def Felipe Barbosa Lose via Unanimous Dec
Jeff Joy def Tony Vivieros Lose via Sub, 1:03 R1


Numbers at a glance 

Total fights: 8

Finishes: 6

Submissions: 4 by round #: 1st/3, 2nd/1,

(T) Knockouts: 2 by round #: 1st/2,

Other: n/a

Total Decision: 2 – 1 unanimous, 1 split

Venue: Pinz – Kingston

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