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#CombatSportsNation Reality Fighting – January 5, 2019 post fight exclusive as we discuss with Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell his tough decision loss in the weekend’s headliner and what is next for him in 2019.

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The event was split in two as the first half of the night there were 20+ grappling superfights followed by the MMA Main card. Check out our Fight Night Awards and the complete event results!

Fight Of The Night: Ron Arana vs Justin Valentin

Performance Of The Night: Miguel Cuevas

Submission Of The Night: Jeff Haddad

MMA Results:

‪Kurtis Froling vs Jeff Grant 175lbs (WW) Winner via RNC at 1:56 R1 Kurtis Froling

‪Johnny Santos vs Dave Walsh 195lbs
Winner via unanimous decision Johnny Santos

Kenneth Rayside vs Nick Giuletti 155lbs (LW)
‪Winner at 1:16 of R1 via tko Nick Giuletti

‪Jeremy Woolfolk vs Matt Tappero 265lbs (HW) winner at 0:45 R1 via submission neck crank Jeremy Woolfolk

‪Armus Guyton vs Billy Goff 170 (WW) Winner at 3:53 R2 via TKO Billy Goff

Amateur Title
‪Tim Flores (C) vs Edwin Solis 125lbs (FW)
winner via unanimous decision and still champion Tim Flores!‬

‪Randy Francis vs AJ Abate 145 (FW) 29-28 RF, 29-28 AA, 29-28 AA winner via split decision AJ Abate ‬

‪Pro Ron Arana vs Justin Valentin 125lbs (FW) winner via split decision 29-28RA, 29-28JV, 29-28 and winner Justin Valentin‬

‪Pro Andre Belcarris vs Harris Bonfiglio 135 (BW)
Winner at 2:16 R1 via RNC Harris Bonfiglio‬

‪Amateur lightweight title 155lbs (LW) Eddy George vs Matt Bienia (C) winner at 0:30 R1 via knockout and new champion Eddy George ‬

‪Amateur featherweight title fight 145lbs Miguel Cuevas vs Jordan Riley (C) winner at 1:42 of R3 via tko and new champion Miguel Cuevas‬

‪Pro Johnny Campbell vs Johnny Lopez 130lbs Winner via unanimous decision 29-28 x3 Johnny Lopez

Grappling Results

Nick “The Hurricane” Enzor vs Matthew Cocchia was declared a draw

Aaron Harris vs Evan Flores 
Winner via heel hook Aaron Harris

Joe Leonard vs Chris Palmquist
Winner Chris Palmquist via omoplata

Curtis Ward vs Imre Pogacsas was declared a draw

Gregory Jarvis vs Jim Hevner was declared a draw

“Big” Mike Montgomery vs Andrew Tevay was declared a draw

Andrew George vs Jeff Roberts was declared a draw

Mat Allen vs Frank “El Sodato” Latina
Winner via toe hold submission Frank “El Sodato” Latina

Svenja Juffernbruch vs Katlyn Doran
Winner Svenja Juffernbruch

Danielle Gambardella vs Nicole Powers Shattuck was declared a draw

“Pistol” Pete Jeffrey vs Tiago Alves was declared a draw

Casey LaMonte vs Alex Wyzatecki
Winner via heel hook submission Alex Wyzatecki

Brandon Seibold vs Jeff Haddad Winner via heel hook Jeff Haddad

‪Fernando Sabenca vs Pete Hailer was declared a draw

Sebastian Berti vs Kurt Chase-Patrick was declared a draw

‪Scott Gierlich vs Dana Haigh was declared a draw

Erin LaMonte vs Kristen Gardner
Winner by heel hook submission Erin LaMonte

“Sexy” John Beecher vs Eric Marandino was declared a draw

‪Diogo Araujo vs C Ryan Quinn
Winner via heel hook submission C Ryan Quinn

‪Kirkor Papasian vs Matt Bessette was declared a draw

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